Well, several things:

  • We’re the first online shopping option for in-stock textiles, that connects the supplier directly with the customer.
  • Buyers have access to quality control information that’s relevant to the product that they’re purchasing, and this is usually information you can only get when placing a production order. We’ve changed this. 
  • We sell first AND second grade fabrics, as long as the vendor is transparent about it. For multiple reasons, some want second grade fabrics. They just need to know that’s what they’re buying. There's a buyer for everything out there.

So, technically what does this mean?

  1. We expect our suppliers to be able to supply quality control reports for their goods. Without this information, you cannot sell on Tengiva.
  2. We expect our suppliers to be transparent and honest. We do not allow returns, unless a vendor didn't send the correct product(s), or there were issues during transportation. This means vendors are responsible for publishing correct information about their products, on Tengiva. After all, your image is our image. If we receive multiple complaints from customers regarding misinformation on behalf of a vendor, we’ll investigate and possibly have to ban the vendor from using our site. Random spot checks will also help us ensure the customer experience is always fluid and pleasant.
  3. We expect our vendors to be responsive and collaborative. Understandably, we want to impress, and buyers shouldn’t have to wait one week for their purchase to be packed. We feel that a 48-hour delay (2 days) is the maximum acceptable time to process an order.
  4. We expect first quality grade to match the vendor guide requirements. Products that don’t comply with the these requirements, will simply be considered second grade.
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