DUTIES may apply to your shipment and, unfortunately this isn't something we can calculate in real-time, yet. Applicable merchandise import duties for a specific country will depend on the product's country of origin, the destination and the product's HS Code. 

Considering we do business in 15 countries, the combination of these variables means over 23 000 possibilities. 

As a buyer, this means that any applicable import fees for your order, will be charged to you upon delivery. 

Understandably, cut fabric cannot be returned. However, if you didn't receive the right product(s) or if there were issues during transportation, exceptions will be made, and we'll make sure you have what you need. Just send an email to source@tengiva.com including:
      Your original bill
      Clear photos of what you received
      A short explanation of the perceived descrepancy

TAXES also depend on the origin, the destination and the fiscal obligations of the vendor. To make it simple, we consulted our legal team to find a solution. Taxes are included in the price you see. For now, if you're a business, your accountant should be able to assist you with tax returns, but if you need further details the vendor (supplier) can also provide necessary details.

FYI : We're also working on another tool to make the information available in realtime.

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