Who can sell on Tengiva? 

Textile Manufacturers
Textile finishing facilities
Textile converters
Textile distributors
Garment manufacturers with excess textiles

At the moment, you can only sell : Textiles for apparel and accessories available in stocks. 

*We do not sell production orders, that’s your business, and this is why they have all the necessary information to contact your sales team directly, when they wishes to place production size reorder. 

Where do we draw the line? 

All vendors have to: 

  • Supply the necessary technical information about your products, so they can be exported across international borders. Such as: Textile construction, fiber content, finishes, Lab coordinates,  *Not so sure? Take the test. 
  • Properly Identify the level of quality (first or second) of their textiles, based on our Vendor Guide.  *We recommend supplying test reports when available.
  • Supply Lab color coordinates. If you don't have them, there are tools available such as : https://www.nixsensor.com/nix-... 
  • Know when taxes are applicable, based on the destination. Taxes are included in the listed prices. Vendors are responsible to remit only when applicable. If you already sell internationally, you should be familiar with it. 
  • Agree to sell quantities starting from 5 meters, and by quantity steps of 5 meters. (You can make quantity discounts)
  • Supply sample swatches for every in-stock product they list on our site. Buyers must be able to purchase sample swatches for any given product.
  • Conform to our Vendor Guide.

No discrimination towards Customers

We care about our clients, and want the same experience for all, regardless of who they are, where they are, or which company they represent.

On tengiva, an order is an order, and there is no discrimination.

We would unfortunately ban Vendors that practice discrimination on our platform.

You have 2 business days to ship an order

Vendors have up to 2 business days to ship the products once a new order is received.
Our customers are paying for quick shipping solutions. Therefore, we must work together to make sure execution is done just right. 

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