Want to sell your stock, but too busy to do it on your own?


Pack & Ship is the perfect option to accelerate your sales.

Choose this remote product entry service to:

  • publish your products quickly
  • earn revenue with your excess stock
  • promote your work to new markets


What you do


What Tengiva does

  • Shoot photos of your fabrics;
  • Scan the L*a*b* color coordinates;
  • Weigh the textile;
  • Identify the fabric’s construction;
  • Upload product details in your account through the access panel.


How much?

ROI starts after your first 5 meter order. 

  • 5 products : $125 USD (free shipping) 
  • 10 products : $230 USD (free shipping)

1 product includes up to 3 color variations of the same fabric 

If you have more than 3 color variations, it will be considered a second product.

Sample guidelines

  • Size : minimum 10 x 10 cm, maximum 30 x 30 cm
  • Color: We need 1 sample for each color variation. Samples must be the actual quality and color of the product in stock.
  • Identification: samples must be tagged with their your identification number and the color name
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