Curious about our solution for excess textile stock sales, but not 100% ready to commit? No problem! It won't keep you from giving it a try!

Sign-up for a free trial version and see for yourself what it's really like.

How it works

Tengiva will set-up your online shop with a minimum of 5 products you have in-stock with at least 100m for each product. We can add a total of 10 products to your test-drive account that runs for a 3-month period.

All you have to do is:

1- Choose the free trial plan ;

2 - Ship swatches for your 5-10 products
(we'll provide the shipping label);

3 - Fill out the simple product information form

We'll take photos, set-up your store, enter all the information and ...




  • Sample size : minimum 10 x 10 cm, maximum 30 x 30 cm;
  • Samples must be the actual quality and color of the product in stock that you want to sell;
  • Samples must be identified with their your identification number and color name;
  • You have up to 10 business days to send the samples and fill in the product details form (the trial deactivates after that time); 
  • You are subject to the same expectations we have with other vendors on the platform, in terms of responsibility and service;  Vendor Guide and Product listing and Brokerage Contract.
  • Your platform management access is restricted to accounting, processing orders and your product list only.

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